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As families from Family Promise or individuals from the Housing Advocate Network “graduate” into homes of their own, each receive appropriately sized housewarming gifts of necessary supplies needed to reestablish home life.

In 2021, we delivered welcome baskets to 13 families.

In 2022, we delivered welcome baskets to 48 families

In 2023 we delivered welcome baskets to 60 families

A Welcome Basket Story

Help keep our shelves full!


  • DONATE ITEMS: Click the button below to sign up to donate items to put together 4 different Welcome Baskets  including a Cleaning Basket, A Toiletry/Bathroom Basket, a Kitchen Basket, and Food Staples Basket.
    • Be sure to choose the number of items you want to provide using the QUANTITY drop down menu.
  • FINANCIAL DONATIONS & GIFT CARDS– send checks or cash, $25- $50 gas cards or $25- $50 gift cards  to MIC, 2205 34th Street, Missoula, MT 59801 (note Welcome Baskets on check)   
  • ONLINE DONATION by clicking the button below and choosing WELCOME BASKETS from the drop down.

Collection location:

Deliver items to MIC, 2205 34th St, Missoula, MT 59801

THANK YOU for providing support to those in need in our Missoula community! These baskets really do make a difference to help them get off to a good start!

Last modified: February 22, 2024