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It can be hard to effect social change and develop public leaders when people are divided across civic, economic, political, and religious lines.


The Missoula Interfaith Collaborative (MIC) was founded in response to a growing sense that something was missing in our community. We’re a group of people from all different backgrounds who have come together to build relationships, learn about each other, and work together for the common good.


We believe that by getting to know each other better, we can start to see that we share more similarities than differences. And when we work together, we can accomplish amazing things.

Together We Are Building a stronger Community

Meet Our Staff Members

MIC Administration:

Casey Dunning, Executive Director

Rose Konda, Business Manager

Anita Castro, Admin Assistant

Housing Advocate Network:

Zeke Campfield, HAN Director

Family Promise and Development:

Rebecca Pettit, FP Director & Development Director

PJ Willett, Family Promise Manager

Naomi Gerheim, Development and MW Coordinator


Missoula Works:

Linea Maxwell, MW Sewing Ventures Manager

JD Partain, MW GID Manager

Daisy Sells, Personal Development Coordinator

What People Say About Us

Community Testimonials

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This is what we stand for


Respect, Trust, and Collaboration

All congregations and community organizations will have the ability, respect, and trust to work together.


Our Mission

To draw people together across civic, economic, political and religious divides to affect social change and develop public leaders. We exist to strengthen community organizations, generate leaders, and foster meaningful relationships as we act together for the common good.


Our Values

Collaboration with our community

Empowerment for people and community

Respect, grounded in humility

Compassion through a desire to relieve suffering

Faith in action – by reflection and prayer

Social justice in our belief that people will thrive, when given resources, relationships and support

Find Us Here:


2205 34th St.

Missoula, MT 59801



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