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Thousands of Missoulians are coming together to ensure people have shelter, meals, jobs and to create meaningful systemic change.

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Congregations, Local Allies, & Organizations

MIC Programs & Partners

MIC brings people together to act.

Sometimes the action becomes a long-standing MIC program. 

Sometimes it launches new organizations & partnerships.

Current Programs

Providing temporary and permanent employment for the long term unemployed.

housing Advocate Network

Understanding and addressing homelessness on an individual, and organizational level.

Missoula Works Ventures

Providing employment opportunities for marginalized citizens through the creation of products using repurposed materials.

Supporting Missoula families with shelter, meals, and moral support.

Organizations Launched

Common Good Missoula

A coordinated effort to identify and act on issues pressuring our lives, using the skills and practices of community organizing.

A partnership with the YWCA Missoula, providing emergency housing to families in Missoula. 

Curb-side glass recycling and organics (compost) pick-up in Missoula



This is what we stand for.


Respect, Trust, and Collaboration - Our Vision

All congregations and community organizations will have the ability, respect, and trust to work together.


Our Mission

To draw people together across civic, economic, political and religious divides to affect social change and develop public leaders. We exist to strengthen community organizations, generate leaders, and foster meaningful relationships as we act together for the common good.


Our Values

Collaboration with our community

Empowerment for people and community

Respect, grounded in humility

Compassion through a desire to relieve suffering

Faith in action by reflection and prayer

Social justice in our belief that people will thrive, when given resources, relationships and support!

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