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While our families, neighborhoods, communities and public leadership are more and more divided, complex social challenges like family homelessness require deep collaboration to make an impact.

At the same time, our faith communities are transforming to better engage and inspire our next generations and can bringing forth new collaboration and leadership to address our community’s most pressing challenges.

MIC bridges new relationships and collaboration among faith communities, social agencies and the general community to address these complex social challenges in Missoula.

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We apologize for any inconvenience, but our staff are primarily working remotely at this time. We are not in the office and phones may or may not be answered. Be assured, though, that if you leave a voicemail, it is directed to our emails and we will get them and then be able to respond.  This means also that you may get a call back from a number that is not MIC.  Please be aware, and respond accordingly.  Our hearts are with all of you during the challenging time, and pray we are all back to a normal and healthy life and routine soon.  Thank you for your understanding.

Casey, Laurie, Rebecca, Stacey, Zeke, Becky, Paige, Steve, Alison, Emma and Nancy, and the Boards of MIC and Missoula Works.