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MIC and Recycling Works - What's the Connection?

Recycling Works Inc. is a benefit corporation under the non-profit Missoula Interfaith Collaborative.  The City of Missoula has adopted the mission to produce zero waste by the year 2050, and we wholeheartedly take on that mission, as well.  Our goal is to get more useful stuff out of the landfill, specifically focusing on bottles, jars, and organics.

So What Does That Mean?

All of the profits from Recycling Works go back to MIC programs.  We are a social enterprise that wants to make a positive environmental impact!

Give it to me straight....

Recycling Works Inc. is dedicated to reusing and recycling Missoula’s glass and organics through our curb-side pick-up service.  The glass is stored locally on a plot of land while we work with an out-of-state recycler to ship and re-purpose it into new bottles and products like fiberglass.  The organic material will be brought to Garden City Compost and used to help grow your flowers and plants in the Spring!

As a new start-up, we are not offering public sign-ups just yet, but we are looking forward to do so next Spring/Summer 2019.

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