Vision – Mission – Values

Our Vision

All congregations and community organizations will have the ability, respect, and trust to work together.

Missoula’s financial hardship, as a result of ongoing budget cuts in human services, continues to impact individuals and service providers. An increasing number of people are living on the fringes—homeless, hungry, or underserved—while faith and service organizations are themselves stretched and challenged to meet the growing need, especially when trying to provide services and create change on their own.

Our Mission

Our mission is to draw people together across civic, economic, political and religious divides to affect social change and develop public leaders. We exist to strengthen community organizations, generate leaders and foster meaningful relationships as we act together for the common good.

Our Values

Collaboration, Empowerment, Respect, Compassion, Faith in Action, Social Justice

  • Collaboration. MIC develops trusting partnerships with open awareness of how participants’ values align and differ. Based on strengths and shared values, MIC partners with stakeholders to address community challenges,to coordinate services provided and to take advantage of untapped resources and skills within faith communities.
  • Empowerment. MIC works alongside people and communities to support them in ways defined by them. MIC seeks out and fosters leadership skills among people most affected by the issues we work on.
  • Respect. Grounded in humility, MIC recognizes the dignity and value in every person. MIC maintains that participants don’t have to agree to work together, but need to respect each other in the process.
  • Compassion. MIC works to bring action out of compassion, a genuine desire to relieve suffering in the world.
  • Faith in Action. MIC desires that everyone involved will bring their whole self to our work together, including faith. We wait for our action to be guided through listening to each other, reflection and prayer.
  • Social Justice. Our action is guided by a belief that we truly are participating in bringing about a day when all people have enough resources, relationships and opportunities to thrive!
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