About Us

We Are Missoula Interfaith Collaborative

Missoula Interfaith Collaborative (MIC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2011 that is made up of individual and congregation partners who come together with people affected by challenges, as well as social agencies and businesses involved in addressing community challenges.

What We Do

MIC maps resources and passions in congregations, conducts community needs assessments, and coordinates a network of congregation and community leaders. This information and network are used to catalyze initiatives that bridge gaps in social services and address community challenges. In creating or supporting initiatives MIC plays a number of different roles:

  • Supports the convening of involved stakeholders
  • Builds capacity, leadership and solidarity among people in congregations who want to help and the marginalized people who are most impacted by issues
  • Supports or leads strategic planning to launch initiatives

MIC initiatives are integrated: when we address an issue like homelessness, we help individuals get housing while also working to create more access to housing and change the attitudes, policies, and systems that cause homelessness.

What We Accomplish

  • Congregations are revitalized and take on a substantial role in creating meaningful community change.
  • Congregations understand and have the ability to work on root causes of challenges.
  • Collaboration is increased both among congregations and between congregations and community organizations.
  • Congregations and people most affected by challenges establish new and meaningful relationships and solidarity.
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