Missoula Works

MIC and Missoula Works - What's the Connection?

Missoula Works is a wholly owned-for-profit subsidiary of the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative organization. Missoula Works was founded in 2016, and our mission is to provide employment opportunities, both temporary and permanent, for the long-term unemployed in the Missoula community.

So What Does That Mean?

All proceeds generated from the Missoula Works and Get It Done jobs directly support homeless families in Missoula. As we always say, no one is getting rich off of what we do. All of our proceeds are returned right back into our social programs.

Give it to me straight....

If you hire a temp employee through us, or hire the Get it Done Crew (to paint your garage, tear down a shed, or clean your gutters), you are not only providing a work opportunity for that individual, but also, all of the profit generated from their job placement supports moms, dads, and kids in our Family Promise shelter.

We are providing work opportunities for those who need it most, and we are creating a sustainable shelter for homeless families. Plus, all employees are screened and background-checked, and work is overseen by a project manager.

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